Xiaonan W

Patient since 8/19/2020

I had a sever back pain. I had 3 treatments. It was getting better and better, after last treatment. I no longer have any pain at all. This is the first time I try acupuncture, and the experience is surprisingly great. With relaxing environment and nice people, I recovered from lower back pain without any medicine!

Signed on 8/24/2020

Eileen C

Patient since 2/6/2020

Neck tightness, shoulder soreness, back pain, sciatica pain, sleep problems; Also an acute lower back injury (threw out my back). After 7 treatments, I have-better sleep(deeper sleep & falling asleep faster); Release of tension in neck, back, shoulders and legs; Back injury improved & back to normal within a few weeks. I was/remain very scared of needles and have previously refused to do acupuncture, however, the pain is worth the rewards for faster and longer-lasting recovery & relief, and now I'm an advocate for acupuncture!

Signed on 7/21/2020

Eric D

Patient since 5/2020

Back pain & insomnia. I have 9 treatments. Better relief from back pain and deeper & more restful sleep. Give it a try! It is a drug-free relaxing way to overcome a lot of conditions, results were almost immediate after every treatment

Signed on 6/23/2020

Robert P

Patient since 5/5/2020

I had lower back & leg pain. I had 4 treatments. I feel great and don't have any more pain on my back or leg. I highly recommend it, changed my life!!!

Signed on 5/20/2020

Jorge A

Patient since 1/17/2020

My hand was very tense and my fingers were very stiff. I had 4 treatments. I can move my hand and fingers a little better and sleep more relaxed. It helps you physically and also for blood circulation and be more relaxed and take away flu stress you have.

Signed on 2/5/2020