Meet the Doctors

Chung Chao (Jake) Huang, L.Ac, DAOM, MS. AOM, BS. Psych

"It is my goal to be a person who can help those in need, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by becoming a doctor. Growing up in my uncle’s clinic, I always saw him tirelessly helping patients and performing surgeries during countless sleepless nights. Unfortunately, his chaotic and stressful life eventually led to colon cancer taking him away. This experience made me realize that physical health isn’t the only important aspect of human well-being; mental health matters too.

As a result, I changed my mind about pursuing medical school and instead studied psychology. I graduated from the University of California - San Diego (UCSD) in 2004. During my studies, I noticed that there weren’t many options available for treating psychological problems beyond consultations and heavy reliance on addictive drugs.

However, I was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which includes practices like acupuncture and herbal medicine. Suddenly, an idea sparked in my mind: why not combine TCM with psychology? After acquiring the California State Acupuncture License in 2007, this became one of my main focuses in practice. Additionally, I specialize in treating sports injuries. As a former player on the UCSD college badminton team, I experienced inevitable injuries, and acupuncture was the most effective method for my own healing.

Witnessing the transformative effects of acupuncture, I decided to emphasize sports injury treatments in my practice. Thanks to TCM, I’ve seen patients transition from being dependent on psychotic drugs to nearly drug-free. Even professional athletes have benefited, returning to their games as quickly as possible."

In 2020, I completed the Doctoral of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program (DAOM) at Five Branches University. As part of our commitment to better serve the community, we have expanded our practice to two locations and are also growing our team of doctors.


Pine Spring Acupuncture Clinic,
Founder, Practitioner, Since 2011

Northern California Health Acupuncture
Practitioner,  2007-2011

University of Health Medicine
Academic Dean / Instructor, 2010-12 

All Natural Acupuncture
Disciple of Dr. Yu-Tsai Hung DAOM 2004-07

South Institute Acupuncture
Disciple of Dr. Chun Zhang, 1999-2002

Fields of Concentration:

Meridian Balancing
Sport Injuries
Work Related Injuries
Stress Disorders
Anxiety / Nervousness
Seasonal Allergies
Pain / Aches