TCM with Cancer Therapies

When West Meets East:

How Traditional Chinese Medicine works with Modern Cancer Treatment

Although the effectiveness and safety of chemotherapy and radiation has dramatically improved over the past decades, their side effects still remain as one of the biggest concern that accompany the therapy itself.

Most common side-effects from Radiation therapy are: Site-specific discomfort, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bladder irritation, etc. For Chemotherapy, the side-effects are: Appetite lost, blood disorders, diarrhea / constipation, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, pain, etc.

To combat with the side effects of cancer treatments, generally patients are given medication to counter them. However some of the medication that themselves will cause new sets of side-effect that which, will lead to possibly getting more medication.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, which include Acupuncture, Massage, Exercise, and Herbal supplements, is now being combined with cancer therapy to aide the effectiveness and reduce side-effects from modern cancer therapies. For instance, Mayo clinic, one of the leading pioneer in medical research and treatment, offers extensive holistic approach to combine with cancer treatments to enhance the effectiveness and raise patients quality of life during the treatments.

How TCM Works and what to expect

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) works from adjusting the Qi (Energy) and Xue (Blood). When balance is achieved, it ensure the optimal functioning of the body wellness. During a consultation with a licensed acupuncturist, the practitioner will carefully read your pulse, tongue, and ask for your current cancer therapies, then come up with a plan to minimize the side-effects.

Treatments may include some or all of the following:

· Acupuncture / Acupressure

· Tai-Chi / Qi Gong Exercise

· Meditation / Breathing techniques

Herbal supplement is generally not recommended during cancer therapies due to possible interference, however it could be utilized after patient have completed the cancer therapy sessions.

Benefits for receiving TCM therapies

in conjunction to cancer therapy are:

· Restore appetite

· Enhance digestive system

· Improve sleep quality

· Reduce associated pains

D.I.Y. Self Care - Coming Soon!

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Poor Appetite




Poor Sleeping