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Reading EMAS Chart

EMAS chart is easy to read. Everyone can do it easily at a glance. From the chart we can see there are three colors of the bars, where
Green: Normal, the energy is at balanced level as good as it can be.
Yellow: Tolerable, the energy is somewhat imbalanced, yet you might not be discomfort from it yet.
Red: Imbalanced, where it indicates that this meridian needs immediate attention and might be the source of your condition.
There are 12 measured meridians, click on the chart below to further read into the details of each meridian.

Please note that there are many "patterns" where when one or more meridian combined can mean more complicated conditions. It may also represent your body type after several measurement. Please consult with your doctor for more detailed reading.
Click on Each Meridian to see description for single meridian:
Lung MeridianLarge Intestine Meridian
Large Intestine Meridian
Spleen MeridianLiver Meridian
Kidney MeridianUrinary Bladder MeridianGallBladder MeridianStomach Meridian