Fields of Concentration:
Meridian Balancing
Sport Injuries
Stress Disorders
Anxiety / Nervousness
Pain / Aches

Assistant of South Institute Acupuncture 99-02
Assistant of All Natural Acupuncture 04-07
Instructor at University of Health Medicine 10-11 
Independent practitioner at 
Northern California Health Acupuncture 07-11
Pine Spring Acupuncture Clinic (Current)

Chung Chao (Jake) Huang, L.Ac, MS. AOM, MS. Psych

It is my goal to be a person who would be able to help those that are in need, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to become a doctor. Grew up in my uncle’s clinic, I had always seen him helping patients and spending countless sleepless nights to perform surgeries; however, because of his chaotically stressful life, colon cancer eventually took him away. This is when I came to realize that it is not just the physical health that is important, there is another essential aspect in human’s life as being healthy as well. As a result, I changed mind of getting into a medical school and studied psychology instead, and later graduated from University of California - San Diego (UCSD) in 2004. While studying, I noticed there are not many options available for treating psychological problems other than consultation and heavy usage of addictive drugs. Upon disappointment, I was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which includes usage of Acupuncture and herbal medicines. All of a sudden, a spark came to my mind: why not combine TCM with Psychology and make a good use of what I have in hand? Thus, after acquiring the California State Acupuncture License in 2007, this has been one of my main focuses in practice. One of my other focuses is on treatments for sports injuries. As a player in the UCSD college badminton team, it was unpreventable to get injured for me, and acupuncture was the only method that helped me the most during the healing process. Amazed by the effectiveness of acupuncture, I decided to focus on sports injuries in my treatments as well. Thanks to TCM, I have personally seen lots of patients’ transformations in life: people changed from psychotic drug-dependent to almost drug-free; also, many sports players, including the professional ones, were effectively treated and were able to get back to their games as quickly as possible. It is my goal to do my best.
California State Acupuncture License

Clinic Award from South Baylo University

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine

Bachelor of Science in Psychology from 
University of California, San Diego